Oh, springtime! Warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and insects coming back… So many little details that may seem invisible at first glance but that are actually very important in the midst of our vineyards. Let’s talk about biodiversity!

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity embraces all living things: plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, etc. There are three main types of biodiversity in the vineyards: ecological diversity (the ecosystem), species diversity (the different species), and genetic diversity (the genes). All living beings on Earth are collectively called the biosphere.

nature and its residents

Why is it important to have an active biodiversity?

flower attack

Like many crops, the vine is subject to numerous aggressions, such as diseases, pest insects, wildlife, degraded soils, etc. Polyculture, through the creation and construction of diverse landscapes, allows us to maintain a balance of the biotope (a particular physical environment with specific physical characteristics).

How can active biodiversity be implemented in the vineyards?

Hedges, ditches, slopes, walls, etc., are all features that provide shelter to the wildlife: birds, insects, rodents, reptiles, and all these small insect-eating animals that play an important role in regulating our countryside and, consequently, our vineyards.

Planting fruit trees, aromatic herbs, or ruderal plants can attract various insects and, above all, bees!

To maintain natural balance, we encourage the return of animals! Horses for plowing, sheep for weeding, chickens as insecticides… In nature, everyone has a role to play!

Biodiversity friends

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Regarding Bees

Our horse Eden at work

Broad bean sowing

Sheeps and goats in vineyard


The vineyard is a fragile biotope that brings together a remarkable ecosystem. Each element has its place and tends to offer a perfect balance. At Arrogant Frog, and Domaines Paul Mas, we strive to respect and preserve nature through our daily actions. The true Rural Luxury.

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