Happy International Syrah Day !


This is one of the most famous varietals used for red and rosé wines. Despite its sensitivity to diseases, Syrah has kept its fame, and is found all around the world.

Fun fact: in French, its gender is feminine: LA Syrah 😉

In 1998, a scientific study and a DNA analysis led to know more about the origin of this mysterious varietal. It was finally revealed that its origins are from the northern part of Côtes du Rhône and Rhône Valley. Syrah is a mix between La Mondeuse Blanche (Haute-Savoie) and Dureza (ancient varietal from Ardèche). It would have been mixed naturally in Isère, centuries ago

Then, this wonderful varietal spread all over the world, especially in Australia, where it is called Shiraz.

Syrah characteristics.

You can easily recognize the particularities of Syrah by its deep and intense red dress which doesn’t change a lot through time. The nose is usually spicy (pepper), with notes of black fruits, and violet. Depending on the region and the exposure, the terroir will bring variation of its aromatic palette.

Other particularities of this varietal are its aromatic power and its lingering finish. This power is due to a good alcoholic richness and a light acidity, as well as soft tannins.

You can easily keep your Syrah wine for a few years.

Most of the time, Syrah is blending with other varietals, like Viognier. As for our delicious Arrogant Frog Syrah/Viognier wine!

But it can also be blended with some Grenache, Mourvèdre, or Cinsault…

Syrah characteristics.

In France, you can find Syrah in Northern Rhône of course, but also in Provence, Languedoc Roussillon, or on the West coast.

Syrah is very “climate easygoing”. Therefore, we can find it in so many different wine regions and countries. It is grown in Italy, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, California, New-Zealand, and especially in Australia whose production represents 9% of the production!

Syrah and stats :

– Syrah is the 6th varietal the most planted in the world with 185 000 hectares

– It represents 4% of the vineyards, worldwide

– It is most planted after Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Tempranillo

Now you know a few more facts about this incredible varietal, let us know if you prefer taste it as a single varietal or part of a blend!

Happy Syrah Day !

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