Mademoiselle Slimalicious

Mademoiselle Slimalicious

Do you know Mademoiselle Slimalicious ?
That’s the name of a blog holds by a « 29 year old French expat, living a simple healthy lifestyle one day at a time ! She writes about nutrition, healthy cooking, fitness, natural eco-friendly and organic skin care, travels and beautiful French things (including her upcoming wedding in France)! »

Mademoiselle Slimalicious wrote a post last week about our region, the Languedoc, and made a focus on Arrogant Frog Wines.
To give you an idea :

« Why I love Arrogant Frog wine
I indulge on Arrogant Frog wine regularly at home, especially when I feel a little home sick! Admiring, breathing and then appreciating a Languedoc-Roussillon region wine gives my senses a unique tasting pleasure: the characteristic bouquet of the Garrigue. I can almost taste the delight of stunning landscapes, Mediterranean gardens and stone plateaux, the ancient and beautiful Roman and Cathar architecture, the colourful Languedoc cuisine, the warm welcome of the winegrowers or the flourishing villages, the unstoppable wind and traditions… »

Follow this  link to discover more informations about The Languedoc region and Arrogant Frog Wines :

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