juillet 2013

« None of us had tasted Arrogant Frog previously and were all impressed with both the white and red. Especially at $10 a bottle retail! We ended up doing a kind of mix and match with the wines during dinner. Some preferred red, some the white.

For dessert – chocolate-brandy-ganache injected figs dipped in chocolate. Thank you Tracy! These went beautifully with the Lily Pad Noir. »

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« Arrogant Frog wine is an excellent deal. It retails for about $8 a bottle and is a great addition to any simple dinner. The chardonnay boasts nice tropical fruit and floral flavors. It’s not terribly oaky like some chardonnays can be and it is very drinkable. This dish is light and perfect for summer with bold flavors from in-season tomatoes and olives. All you really need is a hunk of bread, but pasta would be a great accompaniment as well. »

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« Arrogant Frog. If the boldly playful name doesn’t grab you, the art on the label just might. This is a French wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Keeping to that theme, this wine flashes bright gold in the glass. Its aromas continue the party atmosphere with tropical floral notes and ripe peaches. This wine is predominately made from Chardonnay grapes, with a solid flavor profile that is tempered by the rather exotic and aromatic contribution of Viognier grapes. Making this a fun wine to drink. The price point makes this a terrific party wine too. It drinks well all on its own and has enough assertive acidity to sip easily with whatever food comes your way. I chose to let its fruity nature stand out by pairing it with a simple dish of steamed mussels with fries. Moules Frites. »

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« I was recently approached by Arrogant Frog Wines to help them celebrate Bastille Day by pairing food with their wine. Produced in Southern France’s Languedoc region, they’re the brainchild of a fourth-generation vintner, Jean-Claude Mas. His wines were created with the concept that quality and value were not mutually exclusive. »

Arrogant Frog « The name is a pithy play on words in reference to the English name for the French. Subsequently, their wines are equally as “playful” and they have a very affordable price point of $10 bottle. With so many wine options out there, for my day-to-day drinking wine I love a quality wine, that doesn’t break the bank. This is exactly Arrogant Frog’s style. »

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« En juin, Jean-Claude Mas a reçu un groupe de journalistes québécois en leur présentant une dégustation verticale d’un de ses vins, le Arrogant Frog cabernet merlot.

À l’aveugle, nous avons dégusté dans cet ordre les millésimes suivant:
2009, 2010, 2006, 2004, 2011, 2012 et 2005, tous sous capsules à vis.

Je vous les présente ici du plus jeune au plus vieux.

Arrogant Frog Cabernet Merlot
2012 Fruité, poivre fin, bouche serrée.
2011 Belle bouche, fruité simple, note végétale.
2010 Fruité, note de poivron, très beau.
2009 Foncé, beau fruit chaud, épices, belle structure.
2006 Agé, pruneaux secs, épices.
2005 Mature, serré, sec.
2004 Fruité fondu et frais. »

Lire la suite sur le site de Marc André Gagnon http://vinquebec.com/node/11102

Tour de France 2013 by arrogant frog

Running from Saturday June 29th to Sunday July 21th 2013, the 100th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,404 kilometres.

See analysis in english of the stage 7 Montpellier-Albi running through our vineyards in Pézenas and Montagnac : http://www.letour.fr/le-tour/2013/us/stage-7.html

Va y avoir du sport, c’est certain ! Le Tour de France va à nouveau passer devant le domaine et le restaurant Côté Mas (www.cote-mas.fr) à Montagnac. Ce sera le vendredi 5 Juillet, lors de l’étape Montpellier – Albi. Les coureurs vont avoir la chance de parcourir le vignoble du Languedoc, de traverser des paysages magnifiques entre l’étang de Thau, la Méditerranée et la montagne noire, de rouler sur les pas de Molière à Pézenas…
Attention, la route étant fermée à la circulation, le restaurant et le caveau Côté Mas seront fermés vendredi midi. En tous les cas, je suis prêt pour les suivre entre Villeveyrac et Pézenas. Je suis bien équipé.

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